[PERDITION-USERS] Escaping of ldapi:// URIs (1.19rc4)

Ivan Nejgebauer ian at uns.ac.rs
Thu Sep 23 22:14:09 EST 2010

When connecting to an LDAP server with the ldapi: URI scheme (using a UNIX 
domain socket), the "host" portion of the URI contains the full path to 
the socket special file. Forward slash characters in the path must be 
URL-escaped to avoid confusion with the slashes that delimit the 
components of the URI itself. The function perdition_ldap_uri() in 
perdition/db/ldap/perditiondb_ldap.c doesn't handle ldapi:// URIs in any 
special way, which makes it impossible to use such URIs for contacting the 
LDAP server. The attached patch adds ldapi:// recognition and path 
escaping to that function.

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