[PERDITION-USERS] [ANNOUNCE] perdition 1.19-rc4

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Mon Sep 13 18:45:43 EST 2010


I'm happy to announce the release of perdition 1.19-rc4

Key changes:
* Fix parsing of NIS maps
* Fix a segmentation fault on start-up when the bind_address configuration
  option is used.
* Fix handling of the debug and quiet options when specified a configuration
* Building without PAM libraries installed
* Documentation enhancements

A full change log is provided by the Mercurial repository

Perdition 1.19-rc3 and the vanessa libraries that it depends on
are available from:

Debian unstable packages have been uploaded to Debian.Org
and should be available in the Debian archive within 24 hours.

I will endeavour to get these new packages included in
testing and thus the up-coming Squeeze release.

Packages for various RPM based distributions are being built by the SUSE
build service and should be available shortly from

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